Here is what it boils down to for me...

Life is really so much better when you feel alive and are living it fully.

love is so much more full when you dive in and completely open up. 

everything, every person we come in contact with is touched by what we do, the words we say, the way we look at them and how much we give, even if only for a few seconds - we all have the incredible potential to change someone’s life, to begin a life, to end a life and to vibrate and radiate in our own.

THAT is what I strive to capture in my photos - the moments when that opening and reaching out happens; when the awe is felt and the joy shines through... I look for the passion and the brilliance of the parts of a person that they have hidden or not known... or have shown since day one. My photography and my passion for it are connected to the raw, glowing, flawed beauty of living; the quiet shadows of life included.

Photography is about seeing what others may not... and may live more fully in seeing.

Lisa Fioretti